Great Country Duet teams

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Great Country Duet teams

Post by Moshe » Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:07 pm

I wasn't sure how to title this thread. Country Duo's, country duets. Country Duo's generally refer to an actual Duo such as The Judds, Brooks & Dunn, the Louvin Brothers, the Civil wars & so forth.

What this thread it about is country artistes who often performed/ recorded as duo's, but were/ are established solo artistes themselves. Folk who fit into this category would include George and Tammy, Loretta and Conway, Dolly & Kenny, Kenny & Dottie and so forth.

To kick off this thread we go back to the era of Steam Radio and Dolly & Porter on the telly.


DOLLY PARTON and PORTER WAGONER take us all the way back in time and space. Porter Wagoner was a succesful country artiste with a popular weekly television show. He had a regular female singer on the show called Norma Jean. (No, not that one). She left her career to get married, which folk did in those days (& Garth would later do in a more modern setting).

Porter went to audition a new female singer to take her place, and he hit gold.

Dolly Parton grew up in the gorgeous but poverty struck mountain country of East Tennessee. Her family were poor & big but with alot of love. Dolly could enjoy the beautiful nature for free, but her daddy could hardly afford to take the kids up to Gatlinburg for pancakes with hot maple syrup.
But they had love & her mum sang them the old songs from the British Isles.

As a tiny thing, Dolly would appear on a local radio station, The Cas walker show, singing between the ads and hayseed humour.

As soon as she was old enough Dolly headed off to Music City in the hopes of getting on the Grande Ole Opry. She arived with her few belongings and a whole bunch of songs, which she had been writting since early childhood. One of those songs was called "Everything Is Beautiful (In It's Own Way)". This is a gorgeous song about the beauty and magesty of nature.
Dolly recorded that song, produced by Ray Stevens. Stevens would later write a sickly song with the same name that became an international hit.

But Porter heard the original Dolly song and loved it so much he decided that it's writer, Dolly Parton should be his new "Girl Singer".

Porter was a proper country star with a smooth delivery, a down home charm, and the flashiest clothes seen on earth.
When Dolly Parton joined his show, it was a match made in heaven- or hell. They sang together, recorded and fought together and when Dolly told Porter she had to leave to make it on her own, it broke his heart & led to well publicised court battled.

Dolly wrote most of their songs while Porter produced them. Their songs ranged from "funny fight songs",such as "Run That By Me One More Time", funky country soul as in "Better Move It On Home" to tender love songs, songs about life in the hills, and a few child death songs, the most famous being "Jeanie's Afraid of the Dark".

Dolly denies that they were ever lovers, but they did alot of loving and hating. "We had a love/hate relationship", Dolly would later joke. "I did all the loving, he did all the hating".
Their angushed split left some bitterness, but they made up later in life when Dolly invited Porter on her show and paid warm tribute to him.
Cor Blimey, Guv'nor! 8)

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