What to look for in an Acoustic Guitar?

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What to look for in an Acoustic Guitar?

Post by Carl » Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:22 pm

One day a few months ago i decided to have a wonder into this music instrument shop,mainly to pass the time.So i did, had a look at the tab book and a general look at the guitars, and all the while this dude was playing this acoustic guitar, and as soon as i like focused on what he was playing, i`ve immediately loved the sound it was making, i could feel like the tree was talking to me.This may sound stupid but it`s what i felt.Ever since i`ve just wanted to play the acoustic.
So what should i look for in an acoustic guitar? are cheap £50 any good for newbs? i`m on a budget so don`t want to spend a lot(nder £150 but i want to have the enjoyment each time i strike the string and each time i look at it in the corner of my roomi also want the enthusiam to pick it up.I don`t want it to be like my bass(which i`ve gotten rid off).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Post by tim73 » Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:40 am

Use your budget to the fullest. A cheap £50 guitar will sound like a cheap £50 guitar and if you progress you will almost certainly need / want to upgrade fairly soon. So it's false economy to skimp on costs.

Personally I'd think very hard before buying an acoustic instrument online as often they aren't set up properly and therefore won't play to their full potential. Try as many as possible and you will know when you are playing the guitar for you. Even if you are brand new to playing, just holding an instrument you can often get a feel for what is right for you.

Good luck & have fun with it
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Post by cassie o » Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:02 pm

Hello Carl. I started with a cheap nylon strung three quarter size which served it's purpose well, no bloody finger tips. It is still strummed from time to time and it took four other guitars before I found my perfect one which is a lovely Takamine.
I agree with Tim73, do not buy over the internet. If you have friends who play, ask them for a strum on their guitar, or get them to go with you if you hear of one for sale near where you live. I would never buy a guitar without playing it.

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Post by ROGER HUMPHRIES » Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:21 pm

Hi Carl.

Like the others here I'd say that you really need to shop around a lot before actually buying an instrument.

I would add that if you're budget is limited to £150 then you should look closely at the used guitar market because you might be able to pick up something that originally cost double your budget.

Obviously private sellers are great if you can find a good instrument because music shops have to make a profit but you do get the advantage of sometimes good after sales service.

My main advice though is to avois the really cheap guitars as I've found them over the years to be virtually unplayable.

Basically, what you need to look for is something that sounds good, stays in-tune, has a good action (the distance between the strings and the fingerboard) and is basically easy for you to play.

Good luck

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